Marketing Technology with Health at Heart

Programmatic technology built to improve health outcomes by facilitating better communication between brands, patients, and healthcare professionals.

DeepIntent's MarketMatch™ Platform

MarketMatch™ is the only healthcare technology platform with a built-in identity solution.

It matches digital IDs with clinical, behavioral, and contextual data in real-time so marketers can qualify 1.6M+ verified healthcare professionals and 250M+ patients.

The outcome?

  • Your most clinically-relevant audiences
  • Addressable on a 1:1 basis
  • In a privacy-compliant way
MarketMatch™ for Advertisers
MarketMatch for Advertisers is the first end-to-end programmatic solution to unify HCP advertising strategy and activation.

It centralizes and connects all campaign activities within a single platform so you can:
  • Identify your most valuable HCP audiences
  • Gauge in-market performance potential
  • Address your HCPs immediately
  • Measure & optimize in-flight

Why DeepIntent?
#1 in Identity
#1 in Identity
Deterministic & modeled patient audiences that are HIPAA and privacy compliant
#1 in Data
#1 in Data
Clinical, behavioral, and user journey data for advanced audience targeting & attribution
#1 in Scale
#1 in Scale
Programmatic integrations with premium, brand-safe endemic and non-endemic publishers
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