About Us

DeepIntent is a marketing technology company with health at heart. Founded by Memorial Sloan Kettering alumni in 2015, our company strives to improve care and wellness by facilitating better communication between brands, patients, and healthcare professionals.

Our healthcare technology platform, MarketMatchâ„¢, underpins our efforts. MarketMatchâ„¢ connects advertisers, data providers, and publishers to operate a unified, programmatic marketplace for healthcare marketers. Now brands can deliver timely and relevant digital ads so patients and providers can make informed healthcare and treatment decisions based on the latest, most pertinent information.

Chris Paquette
Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Werther
Chief Strategy Officer
Tony Sherry
SVP, Revenue
Anton Yazovsky
VP, Engineering
Teresa Feely
VP, Marketing
Chris Colella
VP, Healthcare Sales
Brooks Crandall
VP, Healthcare Sales
Sourabh Gandhe
Director, Engineering